My Online Master Made Me Meet a Total Stranger for a Date

I confess that my online master made me meet a total stranger for a date and I had to be dressed like a sissy school girl, my date in a big bodybuilder and a total alpha top.

We meet in a parking lot where he made me get in his truck and we made out, he made me suck him off and hold his cum in my mouth as he took pics then he drove us to a gay bar where he finally let me swallow his cum before we walked in.

He made me dance with a few different guys he knows, he got me really drunk and he took me into a dark sexy booth and fucked me bareback and shot his cum deep in my hole.

He sent all the pics to me and I had to send them to my master. My master has made me call him back and ask him out on another date.

Now my master also wants me to start dating lots of strangers on different websites every night of the week, and I have to send him pics every night.

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  1. I absolutely love s&m! It is so incredibly liberating to give up your earthly power (mind and body) to a strong, Masculine, and sexy as hell leather Daddy/Master!! I’m a pansexual female who was in the scene for many years and had a fantastic time! Have fun! Live out all of your “twisted” fantasies! I have! I even ventured to Berlin Germany to live it up s&m style! Fetlife is a cool website where you can meet other kinky people. Being an s&m bottom is total fuckin’ therapy!! I’m living with a really tough and sexy guy presently who is not into it. I still have hot fantasies of all kinds of twisted stuff… Have a great time! How exciting! 🙂

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