She Takes Pics of Me Dressed In Her Clothes And Totally Naked

I’ve always been submissive to girls but now more then ever. I have a female friend who knows all of my secrets and loves to control me and embarrass me. She makes me go there and take off my clothes in front of her then she will toss me some of her clothes to put on. She takes pics of me dressed in her clothes and totally naked.

As she’s doing it she tells me she’s going to show everyone the pics and always does.

Well the other day she showed this female friend of ours, my pics. Dozens of them. Her friend kept the pics and said she likes them but suggested that the two of them wax the hair off of my entire body so i look more feminine. That means I have to lie naked in front of two girls, one who has never seen me naked. They will be taking pictures and making them public.

I have to pay them to do it so I’ve asked if I could pay my friend extra to humiliate me in front of her friend even more by making me jerk off while they watch. She said yes and said they will embarrass me more because after I’m hairless, they will both give me their panties, keep all of my clothes and toss me out wearing them and nothing else. I begged her to not do that and now she’s said they will be tossing me out naked instead. This is all happening in a few days now but I can’t say no.

By: Stripped Naked Male

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  1. Exciting isnt it ?? My wife has been taking pictures of me naked,,dressed feminine and even while having sex with men and pictures of me jacking off and using huge toys in my sissy ass . She shows them to some of my friends,all of my family and her friends. When she posts them on the many sites on the internet she sends me the link and makes me look them up. She threatens to throw me out but not naked,she says it will be far more humiliating if she feminizes me first,then takes me somewhere and makes me get out of her car then she drives off leaving me there with no money so I can either walk home or ask someone for a ride.She assures me that when she does that all of my belongings except for male clothing will be boxed up and at the curb by the time i finally make it back and the locks will be changed. All of our neighbors know all about me cross dressing because she has told everyone and they have seen me out side in skirts and heels,usually walking to catch the bus or returning home from somewhere.She loves to make sure that it is day time usually when she sends me somewhere . I do what she says because I love it and it is a lot of fun,I figure one day she will expose me completely but right now most of the people who know me already know and the ones who dont care still are friends with me even though most of the men are fucking my ass and mouth daily. She makes it a point to tell every woman she sees me talking to all about me and will continue to do it after she divorces me.She has promised to back off with who she desides is the right woman ,she wants me to date her,,get serious then marry her .My exwifes wedding gift will be a big letter to my new wife explaining all of my secrets and pictures and videos to prove it. I told her I will sent her an invite so she can give it to my wife at our reception,,maybe hand out pictures or put videos on a huge TV for all the guests to watch ,She didnt like that at all .We stay married but do not share a bedroom but she still allows me to lick her cunt,,usually after she has had sex with other men but I enjoy bringing her to an orgasm even if there is one or more loads of come there

  2. Wow you have kind of tough but yes it’s exciting. I’m not as exposes as you by the sound of it but getting there.

  3. The latest thing that has happened was just two days ago. She called me and said I had to go there and do her laundry so she had work clothes es the following day. When I got there, the first thing she did was give me a pair of panties that she had bought with my money. I had to strip completely while she stood and watched. I modeled the panties which where a string thong. She made me pull them up so they showed above my jeans. I went and did her laundry like that.
    When I was finished, she made me undress completely again. then handed me some lingerie to put on. This time she took pics of me as I did, from naked to dressed in lingerie. By the time I was dressed, she had already shown the pics to some friends.. One of them called and so she put me on a live video chat with her. The girl teased me and it was really embarrassing but fun. More to come

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