My Wife and Me were Sexually Active Early

My wife and me were sexually active early. She at 15 yo and me at 6 yo. She quit school and worked. She met this kid where she worked. They started dating. She finally opened her legs after they went and fucked. She loved him fucking her. Her mom was the same way. But my wife let him fuck her suck his cock and treated her like shit. He fucked and fucked her.¬†Skiing and using her car, on the way back, they’d pull off and fuck in the back of her Volkswagen bug.

She told me it is possible to fuck in a vw. Whenever he said fuck, she’d take down her panties and give her pussy to him to fill it with his cum. He’d have her milk his cock and suck him hard. He’d fuck her four or five times she said. She’d finish him by licking and sucking playing with his balls and cock until he was hard. He’d mount or go through the back door and fuck her. He’d fuck her in her ass she said. She’d really luv’d it.

But they broke up when he took her to New Mexico to get an abortion. He dropped her from the abortion clinic back back to the cheap fle bag motel where she went to bed. He went to dinner with his Aunt and her family. My wife laid there in bed, bled and filled the sheets with blood. She said her pussy, pussy hair, ass crack was full of blood and dried blood. But he was eating steak! He came back and went to sleep on the cheap couch.

She went out on a date. The only date since her abortion. She met me. We hit it right off. We went necking the very same night we met. Luv’d her little banana puffy titties. I sucked on em. I wanted her completely naked. But i didn’t. I only fucked two others. But it was her initiating it. We fucked later. We married. Everything was great.

I went boot camp. She found herself a boyfriend. She was fucking him. Didn’t want me to know. Wanted me to go on to my duty station. I did. I went back to get her. She cried. She told me about him when we were at our duty station. I cried. She stayed. Didn’t talk about it…until last week when she called me a ‘FUCKER’, Started to bring up my faults. You live in a glass house i said. She kept it. I said you had an abortion. You killed a child. You FUCKED on me. They were nice she said. Sure.

He wanted your pussy, of a course he was. So nice he told you had just enough tit to play with when you asked if he ‘liked’ them hurting your feelings. But these guys were nice. He fucked a married woman. But he was nice. And no…you didn’t suck his cock after he pushed your head down to it.

Your NOT any fun for em if you don’t swallow for them you told me. But HOW DO YOU KNOW HUH? YOU SUCKED HIS COCK BITCH. Then you wrote him a good bye love letter. No one has EVER made me feel that way. You enjoyed his fat little cock did you? You BET I DID. Your a faggot pantie bra wearer that has nothin between your legs that lets homosexual men FUCK YOU as a woman and you LOVE THEIR COCKS FUCKING YOU IN YOUR HOMOSEXUAL PUSSY. AS PULL YOUR PANTIES DOWN AS I WATCH …

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