I Then Took This As The Norm And It Was Our Secret

Pre teen i accidentially saw my adopted mom naked from behind washing at the sink only wearing a vest top so i saw her nice firm body and bottom.

She was 40 something.

This became a habit for me i suppose because i started to get full erections and would stand watching her from my room and masturbate.

Mom then eventually started to tell me when she was going to wash.

At the time i didnt realize she was wanting me to watch but i was so naive i did it.

I then took this as the norm and it was our secret.

This went on for years but when i reached 17 through sexual frustration and being a virgin i approached her in the bathroom one day on the pretence i could wash her back.

My heart was pounding for fear of rejection i suppose but she actually agreed.Looking round she suggested i take off my shorts and then she complimented me and said how healthy i was.

Mom then removed her vest top so she was completely nude, i only had my t shirt on.

As i started to wash her back my penis was rubbing against her bare hips which i obviously wanted.

I had never felt a naked female before and it was awesome.

Mom then turned round and we hugged, think she was mid 50s then.

She then took hold of my penis and started to wank me while showing me how to masturbate her.

Within no time i was ejaculating everywhere as i was feeling her bottom which really turned me on.

Nothing else was said or happened that day but i knew things were ok somehow.

For weeks we repeated this until one day when we had more time she said lets go to bed son.

I wasnt actually her son which i suppose excused us somehow but once in bed she taught me how to fuck her from all positions.

I loved pounding her from behind while watching her bottom quiver.

We slept together for years and it wasnt incest but a beautiful thing for us both.

Crazy thing was she was a christian.

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