I Loved The Feeling Of Being In Control Of Her Sexuality

*Warning: controlling relationship trigger warning*

So I had a chubby ex that had a thing for guys with muscles.

She was kind of fat and she joked about it but she always made a big deal about how tall and fit I was and how she wasn't and I never said anything directly about it but she made the difference between us obvious.

I still thought that she was attractive but as the relationship went on I lost some interest in her and she did continue to gain weight and didn't show much interest in improving.

Her attitude went down hill too and eventually she starting getting on my nerves.

I decided not to have sex when she got her fattitude going and it just went downhill from there.

The only thing that worked to make our dates enjoyable was to push her down to her knees.

There was nothing quite like solving our arguements with a blowjob and when I was withholding sex from her it just made everything including my orgasms more intense.

I quickly learned that I enjoyed the fact that she was fatter and not getting her way in the bedroom.

She continued to make jokes about how lucky she was to be sleeping with a fit guy when in reality I am getting obligatory bjs as compensation.

I loved the feeling of being in control of her sexuality.

The look on her face when I skipped sex for another BJ was gold.

She didn't know what to say becuase she knew that was how it was going to be from now on.

I didn't say anything because it was hotter to see her get down and take it as her punishment.

No words needed to be said, we both knew what was happening.

Next time that you see a fit dude with a fat girl you'll know exactly what's up.

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