This Morning, I Couldn’T Help Myself

My mother always tells me I add love to everything I make her.

This morning, I couldn't help myself. I buttered her toast and topped it with love.

When she picked up the first piece, right there in the corner was a big glob of it.

I watched her eat it, all of it. Then I said. Mom, can I confess something to you?

Of course, she said, yes. So, I told her I put my special love on her toast.

I told her how excited I got watching her eat it. Then I told her what I was doing under the table.

She got so embarrassed. When she gets embarrassed, she does this little smile.

I just looked at her until I was ready.

Then I told her that I always wanted to cum while she smiled like that.

I didn't think she could get anymore red, but she did. Then I told her I was cumming.

When I was done, I told her thank you and went to my room. It was awesome.

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