I Needed To Feel Completely Filled Up

About 3 years ago at around age 19 I went to stay with my boyfriend in the country during a hot summer.

He lived in a small cottage far away from any township in a region that harvested grapes for wine.

The only signs of civilization around were the luscious grape vines and a few growers.

For a week we stayed virtually locked away doing little more than the bare essentials as our time was spent having the hottest sex imaginable.

I’d loved sex from the moment he’d first fucked me, and being 10 years older than I, he really knew how to pleasure me, but every day it was like I was becoming more addicted to being fucked hard and rough, and my guy loved giving it to me.

Sometimes during the night we romantically made love, but during waking hours it was wild, hard fucking where he’d pull back my long black hair from behind and ride me hard and rough until I came with orgasms rolling one into another.

I couldn’t get enough!

Even when he was exhausted I still wanted more so he’d have me lay on top of his body, grabbing my breasts and pinching my nipples until he’d finally thrust a huge glass dildo up my drenching wet pussy.

Hard and fast, pleasure mixed with a little pain because the dildo was a bit big for me, but I wanted it that way.

I needed to feel completely filled up.

During the second week my guy had to go back to work for a couple of days.

We fucked twice in the morning before he left, but oh I was still wanting more.

I kissed him passionately goodbye and felt his cock harden as he gently pulled away to leave.

I showered and put on a red Japanese silk robe loosely tied at my waist, and black lacy bikini panties.

The day was hot and even with air conditioning the heat could still be felt through the large glass windows.

Sitting in the kitchen I ate a slice of toast and downed a glass of fresh orange juice as my mind was awakened by my throbbing pussy, juices already dampening my fresh panties with each pulsation.

I stood and touched myself, stroking my wetness between my legs with one hand and squeezing my full breasts with the other, tugging each nipple hard as I rubbed and pinched them between my fingers.

I felt hot and sexy at how tall they stood up, just as proud as I was of my clit which my boyfriend said was big when aroused.

He loved sucking it, and I’d cum in less than a minute.

I moved into the bedroom, removed my robe and lay on the bed face down with a firm pillow between my legs.

Slowly I moved my hips up and down, rubbing my lacy panties firmly against the pillow, grinding my clit against it and grabbing my swollen tits at the same time.

I felt myself start to cum and increased my pace until my hot juices spilled, tickling down my clit and onto the pillow.

I rolled onto my back smelling the musky scent of my sex, disappointed that I still felt unsatisfied, yet not understanding why.

My boyfriend was the first guy to ever fuck me and both of us agreed that our high sexual needs helped our compatibility.

He love

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