Unless I’m wrong for thinking this stuff

So where to start tbh. Well, let’s see. I guess my lustful desires started when I was a teen in high school. we lived next to a family and had some neighbours were hot women. So one night I decided to get a little curious, so I hopped over the fence which was a small fence. The mother had her blinds cracked a bit and she stripped naked. I suddenly got a hard-on and jerked off and came on the wall.

Further down the road as I got older, I lived on my own in an apartment complex. I lived with a female roommate and she had a bf. They had sex one night and I couldn’t help but listen in from my room. That brought out my curious side again. She moved and I was on my own. Every now and then I went to the laundry room and took some panties from the woman who washed their stuff. Amazing I thought.

Now comes to now. I moved back with family. And we had a bbq one day, one of my aunts who I haven’t seen in a while sits across from me and all she was doing was opening her legs wide and I couldn’t help glancing from time to time. So now I’m at this point to where I want to get her in bed as well as some of my cousins who I want as well. It’s just I don’t know how to tell them without them telling my family. I wish I can satisfy my aunt, one of her daughters who is 13, and 2 of my other cousins. Unless I’m wrong for thinking this stuff.

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  1. I am stroking with my cousins and my aunts panties now. Loved peeking in windows, we had a teenager living next to us when I was growing up, peeked on her a lot, never saw much, but once, when she came in her room one night, after a shower, dropped her towel, BAM, FUCK, I came so hard to her. Wish we could chat

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