Online Dare – More than 500 Men Were Watching Me

My freshman year of college I was a mousy, shy, 18 year old virgin. I felt awkward and out of place, far from home for the first time. A second year girl befriended me and introduced me to her popular friends. I was thrilled to feel accepted by them but after a few weeks Holly, the group leader, told me if I really wanted to be part of their group, I had to submit to doing a dare.

My mind reeled with all sorts of possibilities of what they might make me do. I was scared to go through with it but more scared to chicken out and risk being rejected and mercilessly teased so I showed up at Holly’s dorm that Friday night with no idea what I would have to do.

When I arrived, they had a laptop open to a chat site. I had to sit in a chair and chat with strangers in the main chat for a while. Then I had to create a room and turn on the webcam! In just a few minutes there were more than 100 men watching me and asking me to get naked! Holly told me to take off my tank top and I obeyed. I could feel my face get hot n red as dozens of men started messaging for me to do everything imaginable!

When there were more than 200 men watching me I had to take off my skirt and a few minutes later, Holly said ” Lose the bra”. My whole body quivered as I unhooked and let it fall from my shoulders, exposing my ripe, bare breasts! Then I had to strip off my panties! I was stripped totally bare and now more than 300 men were staring at me!

I was terrified at being totally exposed like that and yet the thought of all those men wanting me and stroking themselves as they feasted their eyes on my naked body got me hot n wet! I started to massage my breasts as I sat in the chair. The screen exploded with messages as i slid my right hand down between my legs all over my soft mound. I wiggled my clit and spread myself open. OMG I was so far gone now I couldn’t stop!

I spread myself open for them and fingered my tight virgin pussy! More than 500 men were in my chat room watching me as I bucked my hips and masturbated, climaxing over and over and over!! I felt so dirty and ashamed but kept fingering for over an hour as dozens of men messaged telling me how hard they came watching me!

Two of the girls helped me to the bathroom and Holly brought the laptop so they could watch me pee and shower. I felt so thoroughly embarrassed as I soaped myself up n rinsed myself off and fingered my hot swollen pussy til I had yet another mind blowing climax!

Confessed by – Katie

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