See Dozens of Naked Men Every Week

What I’m about to admit makes me sound like some kind of pervert mainly because I continue doing it for the past 11 months. I’m a 22-year-old female and work for a large vending machine company. On Monday and Thursday nights I clean out and re-stock soda, coffee and assorted vending machines with peanuts, crackers, candy, and cakes.

There are a total of 15 machines all together 3 of which are in a large multi-functional room in a sports facility. There is also a small room adjacent to the main room that I found the first week there. It’s dirty and simply filled with broken equipment and full of debris. On the far end is a door that is bolted and locked with a small window on the upper half. This window shows into the men’s locker room. I usually did this multi-functional room first but now that I know men are in there up until 10 pm, I do it last.

I can’t go to close to the window even though the room is very dark but see dozens of naked men every week. There are 14 people who do the same job as me but I am the only girl doing it. I see these guys of all ages, sizes, and nationalities. The penis sizes I see are from tiny to humongous, circumcised or not. I can’t see into the shower area but it amazes me how freely most of the men are comfortable being around each other naked.

Some of them seem shy about their nudity but most of them don’t seem to care. I have been here long enough now that I see them in other places around the building and know many by name. I see them in the exercise area and the handball area or wherever other vending machines are. I’ve have talked to many of them that I have seen naked who seem to be regular customers there.

I would say most of the guys are in their 20’s and 30’s but there are some much older. I never tell my boyfriend about it and for that matter haven’t told anyone yet. I can’t say I get aroused by watching them but it does excite me to an extent seeing so many guys naked without them knowing it. I have to admit I like talking to them and in the back of my mind knowing I had seen them naked and them clueless that I did.

It is just fun to me seeing so many guys undress and come back to their locker naked without a care in the world. They all think its just other guys seeing them.

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