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    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8

    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8 before moving countries. I was in denial about it for years, until now, I’m trying to process some of what happened. it sent me into depression and I completely isolated myself, and it got worse during the pandemic. I dont know how to help myself anymore. […] More

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    I am a rape survivor

    Greetings to everyone all around the world!! I have an issue: I don’t ask my boyfriend whom I live with for much. I had a gut feeling NOT to, but I confided in him that I am a rape survivor. It was a truly harrowing experience; three guys broke into an apartment I was hanging […] More

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    Sick of 10 Year Stalker Rapist

    i desperately want xyz from hms melville who raped me to stop fucken stalking me… the guy just will not get it in his head i am not fucken interested. he has been stalking me now for over 10 years and he cant see that he raped me … the guy is an idiot. i […] More