Sick of 10 Year Stalker Rapist

i desperately want xyz from hms melville who raped me to stop fucken stalking me… the guy just will not get it in his head i am not fucken interested. he has been stalking me now for over 10 years and he cant see that he raped me … the guy is an idiot. i hate the rsl girl in a million quest for allowing that rape to happen. i was a virgin and had heaps of health and emotional problems due to neglect and abuse and these idiots just dont seem to understand i am bloody seriously getting sick of him… i worry he is getting help from someone to stalk me…

if he comes here i will end up killing him and claiming mental abuse torture from him and self defense… i am sure i met a few royals on that ship they are all fucken idiots … control freaks. i wish someone would go around and bash his head in or pump him off and joyce … i am sick of them… i want to move on and meet a real love and have a real life.

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