We Had Only Been Married For 3 Months

We had only been married for 3 months . When we had a party . Lots of friends came . I was 21 .

At the party was an 18 year old girl , who worked with my wife . She did not get any attention .

She was plump and wore glasses . Just after midnight , i decided to show her some attention .

Jut kissing her .

Then i took her outside , and walked her to the wood that surrounded the apartments .

When we were in the wood . I stopped , and started to kiss her .

She was quite passionate , pushing her tongue down my throat . This got me horny .

I put my hand up her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees .

Then i fingered her pussy , still kissing her . I rubbed her pussy until she had an orgasm .

I could feel her sort of drop down a bit , and she was moaning .

When it had finished , i turned her round . Bent her over a tree stump .

Lifted her dress , and fucked her from the back . I filled her pussy with cum .

The i pulled her panties up . They must have been very wet , with my cum .

I kissed her for a few more minute . Then we walked back to the party , holding hands .

Jut before we went in . She thanked me for not just fucking her , but giving her an orgam first .

Back at the party i stayed with her talking . As if nothing had happened . Then she went home .

The following week , i saw one of the guys from the party .

He said he hoped she had been a good fuck . He knew . He was the only one , he never told anyone .

Just after this , i made my wife pregnant .. She eventually left the job to have our son .

I did not see the girl again . For 5 years . On a Friday at lunch time .

Me and a couple of friends would go to a pub for drink . Sometimes to watch a stripper .

Other times to just talk in quiet pub . This Friday we were in a quiet pub , talking .

Who should walk in with her friends . The Girl .

We saw each other smiled , and exchanged a knowing glance . When we left the pub .

My pals wanted to know who she was . Thet saw the way we looked at each other .

I told them it wa a friend of my wife .

Given the chance , i would like to fuck her again on a bed . I never see her .

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