Older Sister and Me

For years, my older sister and I have flirted, got along well, and otherwise sexually joked around. Today, at a gathering at her house, I followed her upstairs to the spare bedroom, closed the door, and just..TOOK her. She was very much into it, going so far as saying she wore what she wore (short white shorts, deep-plunging black tank top) to prompt action from me. Spent about a half an hour upstairs, having wild, and oddly enough, no-guilt sex. To be honest, probably the best I ever had.

When we finished up and headed back to the gathering downstairs and outside, she told anyone who’d asked where she was that we’d run for smokes and sorry didn’t tell anybody. Then, while she was pouring coffee, I noticed her tank top out of her shorts, while before, it was tucked in.

“Going to fix that?” I asked, alone in the kitchen and flipping her shirt up to expose her tanned, taut tummy.

“Why? Before you leave later, we’re going at it again, hun” she answered. Sure enough, by gathering wind-down time, we’d done it again.

Guess my confession would be..I LOVE having sex with my 7 years older than myself sister!

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