He Must Like Me Seeing Him Masturbate

Every Wednesday night for the last 7 months my mom and my aunt Connie go to bingo at the church hall. I stay at my aunt’s house and help my aunt’s boyfriend Ryan watch their now 11 month old baby. I’m 14 and take care of the baby better than he does.

Sometimes my best friend Heather comes with me. The first time was last January when Ryan got me to bring the baby into their master bedroom. He asked me to watch her while he took a shower. Before he went into the master bathroom he said he would leave the door open half way so I could holler to him if I needed him.

I didn’t think much about it but after a few minutes, I realized I could see him in the shower. The one wall is mirrored and he only had the shower curtain pulled over a foot or so. I never saw a guy naked before so I just kept watching him. He put soap all over his body then took one of those handheld shower attachments to rinse off with. That’s when I saw him get an erection. Then he put more soap on his penis and jerked off and I even saw him ejaculate.

This has gone on now every Wednesday even when Heather is here and we both watch him every time. We are sure now he knows we are watching him and deliberately has us come into the bedroom with the baby. He always comes out dressed and never says anything about it. He thinks we are stupid because there is really no reason to bring the baby in there or have us watch the baby in the bedroom.

Since he has been doing this Heather comes with me more often and we both like watching him. I never say anything to my mom or my aunt and admit we like watching him masturbate. I think Ryan is 35 like my mom and aunt Connie is 33. He is cute and built nice and his penis is very big when it is hard.

The first couple of times I saw him naked I thought he didn’t do it on purpose but now am sure he does. I can tell that he likes it when I bring Heather with me and if she doesn’t come he always asks where she is. When he goes to the bathroom we not only see him in the shower. We watch him undress, shower, then dry himself with a towel.

After that, he gets dressed and that’s when we turn around and stop looking into the mirror. Then he comes back in the bedroom and picks up the baby like nothing just went on. My aunt would kill him if she knew what he does every week. He must like me seeing him masturbate and probably more so when Heather is here with me.

By: Ellen

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  1. I’d love to see pic(s) of you and your friend. I’m being he’s getting off thinking about you and your friend, probably a fantasy in his head about you girls watching him, and joining. Quite a few possibilities of fantasies that could be possible.

    Yes, he knows you’re watching, yes, it’s intentional.

    He’s jerking off to thoughts of you two girls, especially those of him jerking to you girls while you watch.

    Your two girls should start touching and fingering yourselves while you watch.

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