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    The Memories of His Cheating Still Haunt Me

    Six years ago, a man came into my life, and I fell in love with him. He proposed to me and convinced me that he would marry me. Five years ago, I got my first job at an MNC while he was working at a small company with a lower income. Suddenly, he stopped texting […] More

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    He was over drunk when he arrived home

    He was over drunk when he arrived home and started talking shit about me and my siblings. I tried to ignore him so he grabbed my phone to draw my attention. And I told him that he was too drunk to think properly but he screamed at me and threw my phone because of my […] More

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    Self Spanking

    I enjoy spanking my ass and whipping my body with a belt on cam for others to see. I put clamps on my chubby boobs and torture my body. Call me crazy, but self abuse feels good. Looking for a real encounter with a female or male. I would like being used and abused. More