I Have Had This Abusive Relationship With My Mother

So, for a while, I have had this abusive relationship with my mother. I’m a boy, 17 years old. She calls me things, brings me down, drinks, hits me and when I’ve called the police about it she has lied.

She is also controlling as heck. It has taken me very disturbing thoughts. I have no one to turn to anymore. Nobody helps me or listens, they listen to her. Even after all my bruises, nobody listens.

It’s been 17 years, and she says she won’t let me leave my “home”, ever. I feel rather hopeless, alone and betrayed by my own blood.

No, not all parents love their children. Nor will all parents do anything for their child.

If you’re struggling as well, just keep fighting against it, push it, because I, myself, I’ve given up.
I just hope that one day I can move out and well, maybe be free from it all.

Confessed By: Soul

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  1. My mom was a very heavy drinker to. I really hated Mom when she was drunk until one night I found her passed out cold drunk sleeping on the couch and her robe had opened up and I could see her nude body. I learned that after she passed out drunk nothing would wake her up so I was able to feel her up take nude pictures of her and after about a year I was able to experience sex for the first time in my life with her

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