The Memories of His Cheating Still Haunt Me

Six years ago, a man came into my life, and I fell in love with him. He proposed to me and convinced me that he would marry me. Five years ago, I got my first job at an MNC while he was working at a small company with a lower income. Suddenly, he stopped texting and calling me without any explanation. He became verbally abusive and treated me badly. One day, he joined an MNC using fake information and moved away after the abuse. The experience was so traumatizing that I had to seek therapy and take medication.

Years later, he returned to my life and apologized for his behaviour, but I kept my distance. However, he soon cheated on me with another woman and lied to her. When he returned and said he chose me, I was so angry that I hit him and scolded him daily for his actions. He became frustrated with my reactions and now hates me for it.

I am ashamed of my behaviour and how I treated him during my anger. I was mentally healthy before the relationship, but now I struggle to sleep and function normally. The memories of his cheating still haunt me and cause me to pain every day.

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