He was over drunk when he arrived home

He was over drunk when he arrived home and started talking shit about me and my siblings. I tried to ignore him so he grabbed my phone to draw my attention. And I told him that he was too drunk to think properly but he screamed at me and threw my phone because of my ill-bred behavior (?).

He had never been this angry and my mother didn’t care about what happens to me. I’m just really frustrated but I am going to take an important exam next morning. So I just want to feel slightly better by release my bottled-up emotions, thank you for listening the whole thing.

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  1. You know, OP…
    Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose the parents we’re “blessed” with, however, we can always choose how much control they have over us and whether or not they get to derail our lives. Speaking as a kid to an alcoholic dad who would constantly try to compete with me and tell me everything I was doing wrong when I was a good kid by all measures and excelled in school, let me tell you… He does not matter and does not dictate your future, YOU DO. I wish you the best in your exam, you’re doing amazing, I promise. Sending you hugs and love. It gets better with age.

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