Over the years I’ve had sex with lots of men outside of my marriage

Over the years I’ve had sex with lots of men outside of my marriage. Not against my husbands wishes I might add. Totally with them, as he has a fetish. That fetish is tonguing out my pussy and ass after I’ve been fucked, more often than not, by a younger buck.

It began on vacation, when my husband noticed a young pool side bar tender eyeing me up. My husband had a few to drink and asked the young man in front of me, if he got the chance would he fuck me.

There was no hesitation when he replied “I’d fuck her right here in front of you and everyone else”.
Whether it was my husbands apparent easiness with offering me, his wife as a sex slut. Or the young mans obvious calmness and toned body, but instead of getting angry, I became horny.

As if it was perfectly normal and something we did all the time, my husband said “Why don’t you visit our room when you’re finished”.

By the the time he knocked on the door, my husband had already been lapping away at my clit and I was desperate to feel a hard cock inside of me.

In no more than half a minute, where my husbands tongue had been giving me oral pleasure, the young bar tender was sucking on my clit making me orgasm in a series of strong climaxes. Both naked after yet another orgasm, I saw just why he was so confident. Even my husband said “Wow!”.

His penis was at least twice as long as my husbands and far far thicker too. It’s shiny purple head protruded from the black shaft and I couldn’t wait to taste it..But both men had other ideas and I was dumped on my back with my husband holding my legs up and wide.

No condom, no pretense to using one, he got in between my legs, leaned over me and kissed my mouth. As he did, he also slid his cock into my pussy and I gasped through the kiss, as his cock forced its way so deep inside of me.

Less than five minutes, that’s all he lasted before he shot his load in and then all over my pussy and asshole as it oozed out of me. Enough to have me orgasmic, but no where near enough to what I wanted.

Before I had time to move away, the young man was replaced by my husband who literally buried his face into my sex. I didn’t even notice the young black man going, as my husband was giving me one hell of a tonguing. I must have climaxed four times before he let up, and only then to tell me it was the dirtiest horniest thing he’d ever done.

Twice more on the vacation we had a threesome and each time my husband tongued me out.
It became our thing, and now I fuck who I want. My husband does fuck me, but no where near as much as the young men I now constantly enjoy.

By – Jess

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