My Husband Is Having Relationship With His Sister

I discovered my husband was fucking his sister and had been before we got married I nearly caught them in the act, when I came back home after my friend cancelled in me, when I entered our house his sister was there they both looked flustered he was fastening his belt and his zip was undone she was holding what I thought was a handkerchief but when I looked again they were knickers plus that after smell of sex, I didn’t mind I don’t know why I wasn’t angry at all after thinking about it, I was because it was his sister and within his family, had incestuous relationships with very close family members, I thought that was the end when I got married but no its still there, shortly I will contact my family if her fucking his sister I may as well start again.

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  1. No its not wrong at all I found out that my husband was fucking his sister, I wasn’t angry because it was family, it turned me on when he was fucking me his dick had been in his sister, I would have been angry if it was a stranger, ime wet now thinking about it, comments please. Gen

  2. My mother caught me and my sister fucking she closed the door and left us to it, after she said i know it happens and in some ways i am pleased you are bonding, but take precautions we don’t want any unplanned births.

  3. My step-father and his three brothers, began tying me up, and making me suck their cocks, at fourteen, and to my complete amazement, I really really enjoyed this, and was so enthusiastic in my efforts to please them, it’s still happening daily, twenty years later! They have introduced multiple “friends” too, and now my rubber-bondage has become extreme, and almost constant, as both ends of me are used, gently but tirelessly, and I am shared out among them all, with no control over events, and no hope of rescue…which satisfies some deep dark need in me…I hope it never ends…

  4. My ex girlfriend used to have sex with her married brother. It’s the reason we broke up. That and I raped her! Lol

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