I was bisexual and longed to be taken

Moving from his huge work shed into his kitchen, he told me my money was on the counter. I’d helped my neighbor build a new work station, as he’d injured his left hand. I didn’t want the money, but he had insisted. When I again said he could keep the money in his kitchen, he responded by saying “Then let me feed you this instead”.

Dropping his shorts so quickly his cock sprang out and up, I was shocked not only by him assuming I was gay, but also by the size of his upward curving erect penis. He spoke about seeing me masturbate, and knew I’d tossed off to gay porn. He also said as he stroked his cock slowly, he’d wanted to fuck me for years.

It took a few seconds for his comments to sink in. I am married, yet I do like to masturbate to gay porn. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, but to know my senior neighbor had actually watched me whack off, embarrassed me a little.

Nevertheless it didn’t stop me sinking down, taking hold of his thick cock shaft and jacking it a few times. He made some noises of pleasure, then TOLD me to suck it. Opening my mouth, I let his older longer thicker cock slide over my tongue.

It was everything id ever thought, dreamed and wondered about. It felt hard, yet also silky soft in my mouth, and I knew what to do. Sucking and licking on his glands, all the time stroking his length, I instantly got it. I understood immediately how to suck his cock, giving him oral pleasure and also making myself incredibly horny.

His cock began to pulse rapidly on my tongue. I knew he was close, but if I thought he would cum in my mouth, was wrong.

He pulled out, told me to stand up and spun me around so I was leaning onto his kitchen table.
He had me lower my shorts and boxers, then I felt his hot breath and tongue on my arsehole. He’d already told me he’d wanted to fuck me for such a long time, so i had no illusions about what he was doing. And I let him get on with preparing me.

When it happened, it was quick. He quickly stood up, spread some hand cream all over my hole and inserted his bare cock up my arse. It hurt, but it also felt amazingly right. I’d become sexually free. My life had been building to this point and having him fuck me that bright sunny day, only proved to me, I was bisexual and longed to be taken.

He pummeled me for such a long time, I lost any inhibitions and begged him to cum inside of my fuck hole.  Before he did, I felt my orgasm rise and then cried out as my cock erupted without me having touched it once. He heard my cry of ecstasy, then drove his cock deeper into my bowels. Within seconds I felt him strain and then felt his cum explode inside of me.

When he pulled out, he called me his bitch. Telling me I was his from then on. I’ve been his ever since, having wonderful fulfilling sex whenever and wherever we can. Two years on, even though he’s no longer the only one, I still adore taking his fifty six year old cock, over his kitchen table.

By – Sam

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