What Happened on My Thirtieth Birthday?

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get two entirely different versions of what happened on my thirtieth birthday.

My husbands version, is he invited two guys around to give me a sexual night to remember. Only he sent them home when he got cold feet. My version is totally different. Yes he did invite two guys round and yes he kind of got cold feet. But by then he was so drunk, he didn’t have clue who was still in our home.

He fell asleep on the chair, right by the couch where I enjoyed the fucking of my life. Both guys were younger than us, being nineteen and twenty. And both young men had manhood’s that my husband can only dream of having.

I spent an age licking and sucking on their cocks, as they tongued my pussy and ass, as if my life depended on it. Then gave them both permission to do as they wished with me sexually. By the time my husband stirred from his drunken sleep, I was taking a double anal pounding and saw my husbands face trying to register if he was watching reality or something else.

The outcome of the evening/night, was for me to arrange to visit the guys at a motel a few days later.
If at all possible, the sex was even dirtier and I told myself, I’ll never hold back ever again.

My husband still believes I’m his and only his. What he doesn’t know, is when he opened Pandora’s box, my sexual awakening happened.

By – Kelly, Ann

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