I Am More Exposed To Him Than I Ever Was Growing Up

As shameful as this is, I have to confess how much I enjoy it and continue hiding my secret from my husband and kids.

I'm 48 and for a few months shy of 3 years go to my step fathers house either every Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

My mother died over 6 years ago and I was always close to him since I was a child.

Jarod is 72 and I am so accustom to it now I not only have him massage me every week but am not the least bit embarrassed that I am nude when he does it.

I lived with him and my mother from the time I was 8 up until I was 26.

Nudity was never a issue over those years and Jarod saw me naked often and as well I saw him and my mother nude many times.

The massages began nearly 3 years ago after I had strained my back slightly.

I was surprised when he first insisted the massage was more effective if I was nude and relented at first.

As we spoke about the open nudity we had years ago my degree of modesty diminished and I complied with his request.

Even though he was massaging me naked the first few months Jarod was careful where to touch my body.

As weeks went by I found myself being aroused and sure he knew I was.

It is always done in the rear enclosed patio and I lay on a table that he covers with a quilt and then a plastic cover since he began using massage oils.

I'm not totally sure but believe it to be about 6 months before he touched my breasts.

It was me however who was so aroused that as he was massaging my thighs that I open my legs as wide as possible and that was the first time I had an orgasm.

There were no apologies about it, we avoided talking about it and still never mention it.

From that day on I go once a week that my husband and kids think is only for a visit.

We talk awhile then he just askes if I'm ready for the massage.

I undress in front of him and lay down on the table and have become totally relaxed and able to orgasm more than ever.

I am more exposed to him than I ever was growing up.

He massages my entire body and once he began penetrating me vaginally I never resisted it.

All the years I was growing up and as often as we saw each other naked Jarod never touched me sexually.

He never gets undressed, or seems to be aroused while this is going on.

Its been many years since I have seen him naked and even though I orgasm often, we never speak of it.

When the massage is over I always have to shower because of the oils he uses.

Even then I let him wash my back as I'm in the shower with absolutely no modesty issues.

My mother is probably rolling over in her grave.

Here I am 48 and technically being sexually stimulated and satisfied by my step father.

I can honestly say he never once did anything sexual to me the entire time I lived with him.

I love my husband who still satisfies me sexually but am always looking forward to my weekly massage with Jarod.

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