As I Was Growing Up I Noticed I Had An Attraction To Women

As I was growing up I noticed I had an attraction to women’s underwear and to top it off I was an exhibitionist,so I would dress up in women’s lingerie and go out at night and prance around the neighborhood.hopefully being seen by a car passing by.

I had no fear because I knew the neighborhood and knew how to get away if confronted by someone.

I spent years doing this and was good at it.Now getting down to a confession I was maybe 14 or 15 and I used to cut grass for an old gentleman we were good friends so the first time I showed off my panties was in front of him, I would put on my favorite pair which were a baby blue with the day of the week on them.He being in his 80’s had poor eyesight and knowing this i took a chance and said one day I was going swimming and would you like to see my swim suit,of course he said yes so I took off my shirt and pants and stood in front of him turning slowly and yes my heart was beating fast because I finally exposed myself to some one and had no idea what he saw.We sat around the living room for a while and he would call me over to his chair and look at my new bathing suit and noticed the day of the week on them and said this is not a swimsuit but a pair of girls panties and chuckled and said it was okay I won’t tell anyone as long as you continue to come over and visit in your panties,but next time wear something more feminine like a bra and panties with a garter belt and stockings.He was a widower and seeing me walking around his house in lingerie pepped him up and enjoyed the view.

I would help him out around the house doing ironing only dressed in women’s underwear and I was happy to do it.At 17 I was getting really into wearing panties and such I began stealing them from the neighborhood clothes lines and was getting braver to get in my dad’s car and going driving around looking for more .panties .Have to be careful where you drive,I was visiting my girl friend in another town and was on my way home I pulled over to take off my pants and just drive home in my garter belt and stockings and hot pink panties when all of a sudden a cop car pulls up next to me and my heart was beating out of my chest thinking I was going to get caught in my panties,he asked me what I was doing and I told him my radio fell on the floor and stopped to pick it up and I showed him, he said ok and to be careful where you park.When I got home I went upstairs to my room and jerked off with what just happened in mind almost getting caught in the act

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