Another Story About Growing Up With An Absurd Attraction To Women’s Underwear

Another story about growing up with an absurd attraction to women’s underwear and being an exhibitionist to make matters even more complicated in my head..

I know I am not gay but I get the biggest thrill out of wearing women’s clothes and play with the thought of being caught in the act of wearing them.

I was on my own at 19 and moved in to a house of a friend,having the whole run of the house,which meant I could run around in my bra and panties and the neighborhood was quiet except on weekends,kids would congregate across the street which was a play ground.Once in awhile they would come up and peak in the windows hoping to see something,one night they got lucky and saw me in my bed asleep wearing a garter belt and panties,they had no idea that I knew they were there and got up and stretched and proceeded to put on a bra and began to walk around the bedroom showing my underwear off and then I got the urge to start rubbing my cock through my panties and got the biggest boner.

I continued to play it up and walked by the window several times letting them get an eye full of my fantasy of being watched by a person or people,meanwhile I heard a knock at the back door looked through the curtains and no one was there.

I got up the nerve to go out on the porch to see what was out there.Bad mistake as soon as I came out the door shut behind me and got stuck closed so I went around to the basement door,it wouldn’t open,the only thing left was the bathroom window which was in a small side yard with a 4ft fence I could climb up on.

I proceeded to climb the fence and the kids heard me and came around and watched me struggle through the little window to make matters worse the window came down on me leaving my panties and stockings hanging out side for a great view of my panty covered ass and one of the the kids actually came up to the window and started laughing see in me kickin trying to get in the window,then all of a sudden I feel my panties come down to my ankles and my cock was stiff as could be,then I felt a cold hand grab my cock and jerked it a few times and I came spurting my cum on to the house then to top it off someone took some pictures as a bucket of water was thrown at my bare ass and cock which shrunk instantly.I finally gave up and climbed down and pulled up my panties and ran for the porch door where a group of kids were standing and laughing at me,they managed to push me out to the front yard where they took more pictures of me struggling to get away finally I got away running across the street to the play ground where in the dim light were more kids chasing me and tackled me and tied my hands to my ankles behind my back leaving me on my knees in my bra and panties picking on me and laughing at my erect cock then I was forced to jerk off numerous times.Finally they let me go but left me a couple blocks away from my house and had to walk down a busy street for all to see, I guess I got caught in the act ?What a night to remember…

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