I Have Many Stories About Being An Exhibitionist

I have many stories about being an exhibitionist,I love dressing up in women’s clothes and underwear.About the age of 15 I used to go out at night and run around in women’s bras and panties ,one time I was cutting through a neighborhood clothing business and would walk without a care in the world for yrs until I was 18 and during this time I would just carry on just feeling free to run and play in the parking lot without any problems until one night I was walking by the building and could see my reflection in the door glass as the lights were off and one light was as lit giving me my reflection ,I would stand there and look at myself in the window admiring my beautiful bras and panties,sometime stroking my boner, being a young boy I was a walking hardon.So one nite I discovered that for all the time I was primping and prancing I was being watch by the building guard and never knew it.He was an older man around 60ish ,well the reason I had found out was I would see a very small flash of light, I never noticed or paid attention to…he was methodically taking pictures of me sometimes naked and or masterbating in my panties .To top it off one night he stood near some bushes where I used to change into my bra and panties and he and a woman guard surprised me and tackled me in the grass …He held me down and she cuffed me and left me lying there in my bra and panties.I was so embarrassed being exposed this way as they stood there and took a few more pictures and laughed,I was wearing a pink bra and pink panties with ruffles on the back what a sight I must have been.

It was getting to be early morning about 5:30 or so ,so they stood me up and walked me to the fence surrounding the property and hand cuffed me to the gate opening for about a half hour to teach me a lesson,my luck ,the city bus drives right by the gate,luckily only a few people ride at this hour .

I lucked out and had only been seen by an old woman and 2 ladies walking by across the street and boy did they stare and chuckled.The guards let me go no cops were called they figured the embarrassment was enough as for the pictures I don’t know but I bet someone is getting a good laugh at my expense.

Exhibitionism can get you in trouble especially if you choose to wear women’s underwear.

I loved the whole experience in an strange way the Act of Getting Caught and exposed…I’m masterbating now in my panties at the age of 69?

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