Today, I Have Given Up On Love

Today, I have given up on love. Love is just a fancy name for lust.

It is only for attractive people.

Men will tell some bullshit like looks don't matter and yet they have a whole list of things like 'I won't date a fat girl or a girl with more than x number of bfs or a girl with body hair or a girl with particular colored skin.


I am not going to spend all my time and energy and hundreds of dollars just to make myself presentable for a shallow bastard.

I think I will be better off alone.

People may say that 'you can't live alone' 'you need a husband'. well, I don't care.

If I can't live alone then I will die.

Atleast I won't be kidding myself that I am in love like all other stupid girls around me.

They will realize it once their bf leaves her for some other hot chick or when the lust fades away and they are stuck with each other.

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