I Confessed Anonymously About Something I Did With A Teacher Decades Ago

I confessed anonymously about something I did with a teacher decades ago.

I mentioned a fellow teacher who caught us.

What I didn’t mention was I was sleeping what that teacher also.

They both came onto me.

I prefer older women, so why would I say no? I didn’t. Besides I was 15 then.

Both beyond attractive and most would kill for, so why me?

I found out as I got older but I guess that quirk or appeal is a good thing.

It’s dangerous when just a teenager banging the two hoy teachers in school let alone at the same time.

The one I was with before being caught by the other had no idea I slept with the other one.

She would’ve been mad because we were somewhat exclusive.

I could tell because I read her often. She couldn’t lie to me and wasn’t bad like that.

Must be crazy to read this let alone myself admit it and not assume it’s fake. It’s not.

Fact is majority of what is on here actually is real being why it’s easy to confess as it’s anonymous and you guys assume it’s fake.

Not my problem.

I wanna tell her. Would she even care, let alone remember?

I wasn’t her first and I wasn’t her last. The one that caught us just started sleeping with me.

It also happened more randomly than the other who flirted with me in and outside of school for a while.

There was a weird history there and some strange connection.

The one who caught us said I reminded her of someone from her past.

Next thing I know she kisses me. I’m not gonna say no. I was 15.

I feel bad now for both of them even though I’m likely a bare gleam in their eye before better things.

Maybe though they’re alone and can’t fork relationships.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Things haunt me. Even stupid, old things.

What are the odds two beautiful, lusted after teachers sleep with a shy kid? Beats me.

Wasn’t pity like I assumed even though I wouldn’t have cared.

One said she loved me as it was going on about a year but she said it can only be sex in her house or hotel.

I thought fine. The other if was a random urge I guess.

Weird to talk about out loud as I kept it for years.

Nice to savor things.

Some knew I was somewhat involved with the one I got caught with but they always assumed nothing happened.

Fooled them again.

The other, it happened a few times while still a student, then again after I graduated.

We were a couple.

The one I got caught with I adored.

She was a lot older than me so nothing would’ve worked and it was a fling.

A Mrs Robinson thing if you will.

The one I went out with after high school, was closer to my age and it was more acceptable.

I’m haunted by all of it because I didn’t say anything. I was 15.

They’d be seen as predators now.

They aren’t pedophiles as many of you don’t understand the meaning.

Those are freaks that like little kids not teens.

I still understand the fake, outright anger a tad with teenage boys and real women, but please shut up.

You’re jealous, we get that trust me. You’re all often frauds and hypocrites. I know.

I read you like books.

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