I like a boy but I don’t want to tell him

First of all, I don’t want to tell him because I do not want to date right now. I want to focus on studying and achieving my career. That would be unfair to him. Also, I don’t think that I deserve him because he is such an awesome person and I don’t want him to get stuck with me. I am already sad half of the time and I keep throwing tantrums and well…… other things. And I am also sure that he doesn’t like me anyway.

And by telling him about my feelings, I am afraid that I am going to mess our friendship up. I don’t deserve him and he deserves better. I really really like him and yet every time I think about him, I feel that I am letting my parents down and that I should be working harder.

He has had a difficult past with his relationship. And that’s why he’s told me that he will never ask someone out again and only if a person confesses to him, will he consider. I just want to know if he likes me. I don’t want to date him because I know he will be miserable. Is it wrong of me to want somebody to like me when I am only going to let them down?


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