I like a boy but I don’t want to tell him

First of all, I don’t want to tell him because I do not want to date right now. I want to focus on studying and achieving my career. That would be unfair to him. Also, I don’t think that I deserve him because he is such an awesome person and I don’t want him to get stuck with me. I am already sad half of the time and I keep throwing tantrums and well…… other things. And I am also sure that he doesn’t like me anyway.

And by telling him about my feelings, I am afraid that I am going to mess our friendship up. I don’t deserve him and he deserves better. I really really like him and yet every time I think about him, I feel that I am letting my parents down and that I should be working harder.

He has had a difficult past with his relationship. And that’s why he’s told me that he will never ask someone out again and only if a person confesses to him, will he consider. I just want to know if he likes me. I don’t want to date him because I know he will be miserable. Is it wrong of me to want somebody to like me when I am only going to let them down?

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  1. I would better say you go and tell him what you feel. Tell him this too that you want to keep your focus on the goals which you’ve decided. This could be a little tough for you but if that guy is “Awesome” then he will understand you .

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