I Have A Crush On My Neighbor , We Had Sex Like 3 Times And We Only See Each Other Has&Quot; Friends With Benefits &Quot; But I See Him Differently

I have a crush on my neighbor , we had sex like 3 times and we only see each other has" friends with benefits " but i see him differently .

he kind of knows i have a crush on him because the way i talk is wayyy obvious and once when i got drunk i accidently spilled it to him but doesn't know what exactly what i have and feel about him but he doesn't want a relationship cuz a girl who was his best friend and whom he loved suddenly ditched him and he hasn't been okay ever since…

he doesn't see me as his best friend cuz of what happened to him before and i understand that….i really want him to see me as his best friend and i want us to get close and i want to make him the happiest he has ever been

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