I never wanted to see this

I really respect my dad and my mom but this is something I cant take out of my mind. I know they have their life getting physically attractive. But last night nobody was sleep and we siblings were in another room and having time.

I was studying and realised that I needed a book at the same moment my mom entered our room asking for milk. Before that mom and dad were in their room and their door was opened but lights were closed, we thought they were discussing something.

So, I got up from the chair and was going to my parents’ room when I saw my dad with no lower and going to the washroom. I suddenly saw him and he saw me and then I said sorry and came back and waited so that he could get into the washroom.

The washroom is outside the room but is in touch with the room. I felt so embarrassed and actually cried at night. I feel so awkward in front of him now. I never wanted to see this, but why me? It is so hard to tell this to anybody.

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  1. Monika 3 months ago

    It’s not ur fault, ur dads fault. But still it’s ok. No need to feel bad about it. Just forget it. Be kind to urself dear. Don’t be harsh. It has to happened. That’s pretty normal infact. Every child atleast one in life time, catches his parents in this situation. So chill.

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