I Had To Cut Off A Friend For My Girlfriend

I had to cut off a friend for my girlfriend. I am heartbroken.

I have never been one to make friends easily. Hence why i do not have friends.

But someone at my work began talking to me and we got closer.

This person is a female and she had a sense of comfort to her that made it so easy to talk.

Now she has a boyfriend and a baby.

Conversation was always innocent.

But we grew close to the point of emailing each other almost daily about our days.

My mistake was keeping it a secret.

My relationship of 16 years has been rocky.

And i would think my girlfriend would not understand the friendship simply because she was female.

So i hid it.

One day it recently it blew up in my face when my gf found my friends email address.

We ended up talking for hours and made up.

A lot of realizations were made about the relationship and it seems things will be changing for the better BUT i have to cut my friend off and keep it only work related at work.

I feel terrible.

My friend really wanted to get close and have us over for parties and get togethers but it won’t happen now.

I finally make a friend and because of my bad decision i need to let her go.

My heart hurts. I feel bad. I hate myself

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