I Have Always Been Attracted To Older Men, Dominant Daddies Etc

I am early 40s and in a relationship, but secretly i am a total submissive sissy faggot.

I have always been attracted to older men, dominant daddies etc.

I have met with men in the past and given oral and let them take lots of pics of me as a girl, and secretly i want them to use that to feminize me more.

make me do tasks, expose me online etc.

I am scared to get outed but cant stop my desire for men to take control and make me be what i was supposed to be.

i setup kik accoutn gurl4daddies and even look for men to chat with that like controlling and feminizing sissies.

I try to stop but i am sinking deeper and deeper.

I even recently bought estrogen hormones and have started them. What do i do??!

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