Some Bothers Me While Others Give Me A Chuckle

I recently left a message with a webmaster on a police forum to inform local police and the message was detailed.

I tried every form form of communication as I shouldn’t have to do their job for them.

I told this individual I’m guilty and I don’t know how they missed my past deeds. Why?

Because I have an innocent face and was shy when a teen.

Far from that now as was only till I was 22 if that.

I’m also a manipulative, calculating individual that hides in plain sight and was a former criminology student and am a psych graduate.

It helped but I arrays knew the trade since I was young being I was shy in my past and pay attention.

I’ve done horrible things to bad people because they trigger me.

I’ve realized I’m bad in some of the ways I handled these individuals while they bled all over me, my fists, or windshields and so on.

Some bothers me while others give me a chuckle.

I want to be punished but will they be dense and naive and not believe my truths too?

Regardless, I’m a tad haunted and dead serious.

Good to get it off my chest though, although I have before and people scoffed.

My how dumb people are. Sadly. it’s nothing new.

If makes me laugh but also shake my head with how easy it all was and can be.

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