I Allowed My Wife To Move Her Boyfriend Into Our Home

I allowed my wife to move her boyfriend into our home she just told me he was going to visit her one night and I could leave for a few hours if I wanted to. But to her surprise I not only stayed for his visit I dressed up in a maids very short outfit and wore very shiny bright red panties over an adult diaper I stuffed a bra to about a size 44d I looked liked a sissy and wanted to make sure he knew I was just another woman in this home.

Well that meeting went well and he moved into her bedroom and I moved into our extra bedroom downstairs.

By: Debbie

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    • I cook all the meals,Do the shopping,,clean the entire house every day,,do the laundry .When Mistress allows me to I lick her pussy clean after she has sex with a man.It is also my job to lick and suck the mens cock and balls clean after they are done fucking Mistress or I.Any man that comes over can use me sexually if he wants .I take care of Mistresses children as well as any of the guests children while they are visiting .When a visitor brings their dogs with them I walk them and also exercise them while they are visiting.

  1. My wife and her new boyfriend sleeps in their bedroom i take care of their newborn baby as the live-in baby sitter she hates babies so I take care of them as if i was ther mommy. When she gets pregant as she is now I have to service her boyfriend because she is too big and sore to do it. I wear ? and panties just like any other woman now .

    • I live in the tiny maids quarters in the basement , I am fully feminized 24/7 and wear one of several maids outfits as I am their sissy maid now . My wife loves to have sex right in front of me but when she cant for what ever reason or doesnt want sex it is my duty to make sure her boyfriend is sexually satisfied . She knows he loves her and keeps her satisfied so she doesnt have a problem if he makes me suck his cock or he fucks my sissy ass as long as he is always rough with me . David has thrown me down on their bed right next to Sara, restrained me then raped me right there next to her .

  2. He works outside the home and me and my wife meet him at the door when he comes home . we are if course both in dresses I am always wearing very short skirts with shiny panties.

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