I Really Enjoyed Having Sex With Him, My First Man

In high school I was introduced to same sex with my coach. She was, is, a beautiful woman and she is a dyke and she does like certain types of girls. I was that type.

I am not passive per se, but I do need a dyke to fuck me. I just don’t like dykes that dress like a man. I have recently been fucked twice by a man, both times same man. He is the equivalent of a dyke, he is aggressive and bossy and I submit to him. With him I was more of a princess because I didn’t have any experience with a man.

He told me he wants action, for me to give him sex, not just lay there and get sex. I don’t really give sex, I share, or go along, I don’t give. I don’t want this to be a problem with him, I really enjoyed having sex with him, my first man.

(Note from admin: Dyke means lesbian)

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