Forced to be Pluged and Diapered

My wife read a story on here that a sissy baby was chastised, plugged, then diapered. So she wanted to do the same to me. I fussed a bit and was ordered to obey or else get my bottom reddened. I had to do as I was told, allowing her to cage my c0ck, plug my hole, and diapered me for the night. I have been told to quit pouting then received the Redding of my bottom with a hair brush and now I will have to be dressed tomorrow all day like a sissy.

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  1. I also didn't like it at first but now enjoy it because as she told me, that is what I am a sissy baby. I like being a sissy baby now.

  2. Well obviously she knows what is best fr you and look at how you acted.You should be happy and thanking her for seeing and acting on your needs even when you didnt realize it yourself.Be glad that she cares for you so much that she is willing to help you .Think about how it is for her,,she is your wife and is married not to the man she fell in love with but a sissy.She cannot have a relationship with you like before because she is being blocked by it all.Now that you are a sissy and are unable to satisfy her like a real man have you considered telling her she has your permission to see real men and let them satisfy her sexually ??

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