Kiss With Cousin

I have a cousin (30 years old), last Monday, November 01, we went on there house to spend time with our untie, because she is celebrating her 74th birthday. my cousin work as a nurse, that’s why I asked him why his clothes is different like other nurses who is wearing a white clothes, then he went to his room I followed him and presented me his uniform after that I said okay, but he hold me in my hands and pull closer to him and kiss me on lips and hug me, I was surprised! I felt so shy with him. After that when he left and went on his work, for the second time, he kissed me again in lips! I was so surprised again. I texted him and asked him why, but he insisted that for him he just felt missed me and he wanted to do it again and again. he only told me that it was an accident, and he said on his text that for him he love and miss me so much…now I don’t want to entertain that thought again, I also don’t want to happen it again, he just like my older brother, I look up on him and I wouldn’t want to lose respect on him. Now, I am moving on with my life.

Confessed by: curious girl
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines

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