Its Amazing How Attitudes And Feelings Change As We Age

Its amazing how attitudes and feelings change as we age.

When I was a kid I was very modest when it came to my nudity. I was even shy in a boys locker room.

Once when I was 14 my sisters girlfriend accidentally saw me naked and I was so embarrassed I cried about it.

I'm 27 now and just the opposite and even though I never exposed myself purposely began having the desire to do so.

I have my own apartment and I'm constantly naked when home and admit I masturbate often especially since I broke up with my girlfriend.

My apartment is on the first floor and it was just after this past Easter that my landlords daughter Carmen, told me she saw me naked a few times.

She is a little skinny goofy girl who I know now is 22.

She came right out and told me she was looking into my side bedroom window.

I did say I was sorry but she then only asked me why I keep it open most of the time.

Before I could answer she asked why I'm naked all the time.

I first said I don't have an air conditioner then like some fresh air.

She just said ok and went upstairs where she lives with her parents.

I park in the back of the building and during the week saw Carmen on the side of the building near my window.

It occurred to me then that she is there to possibly see me naked again.

So, that day I went in opened the window halfway knowing she was out side.

There is no other reason she should be there because there is nothing there.

I got undressed, this time knowing she was watching me and just let her watch me for a long time.

I continued doing it the rest of that week and she surely saw me naked 3 times.

That Saturday morning I went out to my car and again Carmen confronted me telling me she saw me naked again.

That's when I told her if she didn't want to see me don't look into my apartment.

Its a small studio type apartment so she can see everywhere except the bathroom.

She only said ok and walked away.

Since then she is outside a few times a week when I get home from work.

As much as I was naked before, now I am always naked as soon as I get home.

She has to know that I know she watches me because sometimes after I park my car I see her on the side of the building and she waves to me.

I always get an erection knowing she is out there and for a long time I have let her see me masturbate.

I doubt her parents know she is doing this and she is so brazen about it she is right at the window most of the time.

She never says anything about it anymore but she is out there between 6 and 7 pm several times a week as long as its not raining.

I not sure about her but it is arousing for me knowing she sees me naked so often.

She does talk to me sometimes but stopped talking about seeing me nude and never said she saw me masturbating, which she has many times.

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