Had A Relationship Ended Because A Wh*** Flirted/Seduced Him

Had a relationship ended because a wh*** flirted/seduced him.

Not blaming the whore for everything, I blame him as well for willingly let this happen and willingly be stolen but I blame the whore the most.

She knows he has a girlfriend but still wreck a relationship & just couldn't stay away.

Anyways, I can't be rid off. We are bestfriends before being a lover.

The bestfriend stays lol the whore will reap what she sow I also told my ex/ bestfriend that he will taste his own medicine, and I'll be there watching üòá (also, years ago I had told my bestfriend/ex now that if his girlfriend wanted us not to get in touch, I will give it to her for peace of mind and respect.

But if it's just for this whore, never as she can't even respect us.

She can be mad crazy of us being best friends)

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