When The Pandemic First Started, I Started Asking My Mom For Help

When the pandemic first started, I started asking my mom for help.

The first time I asked her if I could masturbate during breakfast, I could tell she didn't want me to, but she let me.

I started telling her when I was going to cum and when I was finished.

Of course, I had to thank her, and when she started saying you're welcome, it just made it that much better.
One morning while I was masturbating and looking at her, I just stood up, got as close to her as I could and started to cum on her.

When I thanked her, she still said, you're welcome. So, then things changed.

The first time I asked her to rub my cock, she did it.

She even held it so that I could still cum on her.
I asked her a dozen times or more if she would please suck my cock.

It was so exciting that first time to look down and watch her that there was so much cum so much, she couldn't swallow it all.

But when I thanked her, she still said, you're welcome.
Now, I can even get her to bend over the sink and let me fuck her.

I don't think she really likes it when I cum in her, but she lets me.

When I'm finished, she will even get on her knees, clean my cock with her mouth and suck me until I cum.

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