I Am Now 29 With 6 And 2 Year Olds

I am now 29 with 6 and 2 year olds. Both of my children are fathered by my boss.

I entered into an affair with him when I got out of college and took my first job.

After these seven years, two under the pandemic, we are in a second family, second home affair.

The pandemic forced us to have his wife sit for my kids and home school my older boy.

Nothing is hidden, everything now is in the open.

We have two homes, because of her sitting for and homeschooling my son we see each other everyday.

My relationship with her is a mother-in-law relationship, she calls me her adopted daughter and calls my sons her grandsons.

It's how she wants it, her way of accepting it.

She can be very protective of me, and voices her concerns if he is remiss in his attention of me and my sons.

That's it.

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