I Am Honestly So Tired Of My Mother

I am honestly so tired of my mother .She had a rough childhood ,as shitty as you can imagine and i do appreciate how much she has given me but i am tired of constantly hearing about how much she did and how should be nothing but grateful and that i am the worst kid in the world for complaining about anything that a normal 17 year old would complain about .My mother was raped when she was really young and she got pregnant and gave birth to me .And maybe i remind her of it but she always insinuates that i was not worth all the hard work and trauma she endured because i am such a horrible kid .Its exhausting always being the trigger and i do not want to hurt her but she blames all her mental illness on me .she is like if something happens to me ,its because you were such a horrible kid.
i am not perfect either ,i struggle with depression that my mother thinks is me being dramatic and faking it .

i complain a lot because i am an introvert and i often feel like i am missing out on all the fun part of being a teenager .I shared this sentiment with her but she said that i am complaining and not appreciating her and i am such a bitch ,i am so tired .
sometimes i feel like never looking at her again but i do love her …she has gone through hell and back for me and has spent her entire life on me and sometimes i feel like because she spent so much time on me ,everything little thing i do wrong is a trigger for her .

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