Sometimes I Did Poses That Would Show Them Some Pink

Years ago I worked as a nude art model, where I would pose completely nude for art classes.

I did it because I secretly liked showing off my body in front of people.

I specially like showing off my pussy and bare ass and displaying them front of the people in class for long periods, specially to cute guys.

Every time there was one or more cute guys in the class I would position myself for them to get a better view.

Sometimes I did poses that would show them some pink. Those felt very thrilling and exhilarating.

I wouldn't make it obvious of course, or I'd be fired.

And I would always try to pass it off as a legit artful pose.

But I would spread my legs just enough, or bend over just the right way to were my pussy was slightly open towards were they were sitting, so that they could see pink.

As an example I would sit or lay down and spread just one leg wide enough right in front of where they were so they can get a really good view, then flair my arms just to make it look artistic.

I would do stuff like this to any good-looking guys I saw in class.

The cuter they were the more it turned me on, and the more I wanted to do it.

I don't know if some of them suspected what I was doing but I would just play it off like it was accidental.

And I luved seeing their reactions, secretly of course.

I also liked bending over with my ass in front of their faces.

And of course I would pose like I was pouring a water vase or something.

Other times I would sit and lean and open up a leg just the right way, so a cute guy could see directly into my asshole.

And most of the time there were bright lights pointed at me while I was on the modeling stand, so they could clearly see what I was showing, and I was definitely giving a show.

And just in case you were wondering, yes I was very cleanly shaved and waxed down there so they could see everything clearly.

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