My Name Is Ted,I Live In The Providence Ri Area

My name is Ted,I live in the Providence RI area.

I'm in my early 50s, and I've had a severe pantyhose obsession since I was a teenager.

I've also been going to lots of women's clothing stores and asking the salesgirls to pick out pantyhose skirts and heels for me, I tell them that I'm owned by a dominatrix I pay to see, and she's ordering me to do this.

I have had a ton of experiences in the stores which I feel very lucky to have, I become aroused by the young salesgirls who are often helping me, I've been walked in on without warning and became erect thru the pantyhose.

I desperately need to confess that I very often have been too aroused, especially if salesgirls or customers who are young beautiful females are wearing pantyhose.

I have many times jacked off, either in a fitting room or sometimes on a salesfloor, dropping sweatpants to my ankles, wearing pantyhose with a small hole, have positioned myself to be able to see tights on especially high school age girls, I've actually put myself in a position where I've stepped out of my shoes and sweatpants and jacked off only a couple of feet from them or her.

I can't stop, I'm hoping that an actual teenage girl/girls will allow me to pay them and they would set me up to get caught.

I'm very serious and will pay anything, a smart cruel bunch of high school girls who Want to make $ and get me caught will be compensated the huge amount that I should pay any girls.

I'm not sure how I can do this but I'm begging to give you all my info, video and pictures I've taken inside stores, add am actually hoping to be caught by video proof

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