I Got A Video Call From A Stranger On Facebook

I am 20 Years old now and i did many mistakes in my past but i live a very safe life, everyone i met told me i am very innocent but one thing i kept secret from everyone that is i am addicted to masterbation.

i don't know this for being alone and lonely i can not control my self from pleasuring myself.and for this reason the worst thing happened to me.

i got a video call from a stranger on facebook.

i knew that it is a fake account but i don't know what possessed me that day i can't hold myself back from engage with her.Her camera was off but she told me to show my private part by turning me on, i first denied it but later showed her my private part on the video call and she started to pleasure herself on the other side, i didn't showed my face tho.

But from that day a constant fear and regret is following me.

what if she recorded it and leak on the internet.

Fortunately she didn't blackmailed me till now, more than that i never expected this from me, i was the one who stopped and used to warn other from doing such stupid things.

I can not forgive myself how i am so stupid.. i can not live with this burden.

i guess my life came to an end with a bad turn. This guilt is killing me from inside.

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