I Told Him Something Really Nasty, What Did He Recommend

Back in my early thirties I travelled to Bogota several times a year.

I got comfortable with the city and made friends with the night front desk clerk.

One evening he asked me what I was doing, I told him dinner, I wasn't going out.

When he asked what I secretly wanted to do, Bogota was an open city.

I told him something really nasty, what did he recommend.

I waited for him to get off, he told ne to leave my watch and wallet and we caught a cab into the old downtown.

We walked to this dark club and got a small both and ordered something to drink.

Every fifteen minutes or so a floor show came on, female strippers, male strippers, men sucking cock, females fucked holding a headstand.

The cocktail waitresses nearly topless, the waiters in g-strings.

My friend wasn't new here, salivated over cocks in micro g-strings.

One friendly fellow let him bite his cock for a tip.

Looking around this was a gay bar, men kissing, hands way up on other men's thighs.

At midnight the reason he brought me there happened.

A young girl, was brought out naked, her wrists tied with s heavy rope.

A long wooden bench was brought out and she tied to the bench, her knees on the floor tied to the legs of the bench.

A great big black wolf was brought out on a chain, her behind was washed with something that made the wolf crazy to get on her.

Another girl jerked the wolf's until his bug red dick slipped out then they turned him loose on the girl.

When it was over I had cum in my pants.

We left soon after, caught a cab to his apartment.

He wasn't shy and was soon totally naked offering to give me a blowjob.

I was in too deep to back out and was soon naked, sucking each other's cocks and kicking his asshole.

I was driven, nothing was too much, he positioned me the way he wanted me, squirted oil on my asshole, rubbing it in and fingering me.

I grabbed into the bed as he mounted me, all I could think about was that girl and that wolf inside of her.

He came strong in hard thrusts while my cock leaked out cum beneath me.

I woke up naked with him.

He ordered a cab for me and I went back to the hotel.

That afternoon I checked out and never stayed at that hotel again.

I have my memories, if that girl tied to the bench and that night that he fucked me.

Both provide vivid dreams to masturbate too.

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