I First Sucked Another Boy In The Fourth Grade

I first sucked another boy in the fourth grade. I've never stopped.

I'm in my mid seventies and sucking cock is my hobby. my passion.

When I was young I sucked boys my age, my grade.

In college I stepped out sucking off professor types. Older men became my new obsession.

In offices, behind bars. In cars, in cheap motels. I manhandled an older man's cock on a plane.

Bathroom stalks, movie theatres. I'm sure I'm missing some.

Hard cocked Alpha types want to jump your bones, I let them if I spent the night with them.

Waking up with a sore wet ass is it's own special pleasure.

I sucked a cop at a concert. An old man in a senior living center.

I have hundreds of cock pictures, soft, hard, in my mouth, other men's mouth, in my ass.

Each is it's own special memory.

My last get together was with a retired lawyer, it was everything I wanted.

I'm a bitch to an Alpha type and this time my partner has to look at pictures I put together.

The baseball game is on tonight, I'll watch the jumbo tv tonight, visible from my place.

I'll bend over and get rimmed and fucked, then I will make love to his cock.

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