Her First Experience with Another Woman

My wife and her friends, go away for the weekend. This is 2 or 3 times every year. They choose a city. Then go on Friday, coming home on Sunday. They always stay in nice hotels. It is cheaper to book double rooms. Two to a room, sleeping in a double bed. After the last weekend away. My wife said there was something she needed to tell me.

On Friday they always go for a meal, then for drinks. On this Friday, they all got a little drunk. Happy drunk. That night my wife was sleeping with her closest friend. Each time, they slept with a different friend. My wife was sleeping on her back. She was woken by feeling a hand, at the top of her thigh. She lay still, pretending to be sleeping.

The hand was touching her pussy. She was enjoying it. So, she opened her legs. I have known  my wife since she was 13. I know that she had never been with another girl, or woman. Her friend was fingering her. Rubbing her pussy. This gave my wife an orgasm. She confessed how much she had enjoyed it.

Then her friend was licking and sucking my wife’s nipples. My wife told me that it was giving her sensations in her pussy. Feeling as if her pussy was buzzing. Her friend moved down to lick her pussy and finger fuck her. This gave her another orgasm. Her friend lay back with her legs open. Asking my wife to touch her. My wife fingered her friend. Rubbing her clit and at the same sucking her nipples. This gave her an orgasm.

Giving her an orgasm, excited my wife. My wife wanted to know what it was like, to lick a pussy and taste it. She said she was enjoying doing it. She did not stop until her friend had another orgasm. Her first experience with another woman. Had, as she said. Been amazing. They put their arms around each other and kiss. This is how they went to sleep.

In the morning, it was not mentioned. They dressed, had breakfast, and went out with their friends. Clothes shopping and going for lunch. They went back to the hotel for a shower and a rest. My wife went for a shower. Undressing in the bathroom. She was having her shower. Her friend walked in, naked. Getting into the shower with my wife. Washing her back, then her boobs and pussy. My wife washed her friends boobs and pussy. This was getting her excited.

When they were dry, they lay on the bed. Kissing. Then her friend moved down. Kissing my wife’s neck, then her boobs, then her stomach. last she was kissing the inside of my wife’s thighs. Working up to her pussy. Kissing and licking it. When she had finished her orgasm. They changed places.

When she was telling me, she asked if I was mad with her. I told her I liked it. I wanted her to tell me everything. This led to a great sex session. I was feeling so horny. Now, when they go away. I want her to tell me everything in detail. When she comes back. Her friend had been divorced for 6 months. I wanted her to get her friend to come to stay. Hoping we could have a threesome.

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